Ghana: Platform to Provide Financial Literacy for Upcoming Entrepreneurs Re-Launched

A platform to provide financial literacy for young and upcoming entrepreneurs has been re-launched in Accra.

Dubbed, ‘The Billionaires Network or TBN’, it is a network of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with a common goal to create jobs and wealth by acquiring the right kind of knowledge, mindset and habits to achieve financial freedom.

It is an initiative of Kingdom Billionaires Limited, a company that specialises in financial education and human capacity building in business and investment.

A statement issued by the company said, “Our mission is to uplift the financial status of humanity through financial literacy and financial opportunities.”

“We offer members of the network an e-library product stocked with 21st century e-books and articles on entrepreneurship, personal development, wealth creation and investment, “it said.

The objectives of the Billionaires Network according to the statement is to reduce financial illiteracy among the Ghanaian youth; to reduce youth and graduate unemployment; provide additional income stream to workers; support aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs raise capital; mobilise support for psychiatric hospitals and create mental health awareness in Ghana.

“Members of TBN enjoy several benefits including financial education, personal development, discount on e-books and seminars, additional income stream, start-up and expansion capital, honorary membership certificate, scholarship and other incentives,” the statement said.

The statement said poverty was a direct result of non-productivity and wealth is the direct result of creativity and innovation which are unleashed by productivity.

“However, wealth creation will remain a daydream without the acquisition of financial literacy. In other words, unless a person becomes financially literate they cannot become wealthy, “it said.

It said: “The rich and the poor think differently and as well interpret things differently, hence the introduction of TBN. We welcome all the youth of Ghana to join the TBN family and change their lives and also make a positive impact on others.”

To join TBN, an individual is expected to pay a non refundable membership subscription fee of Fifty Ghana cedis (GHȻ 50.00). This allows the person to have access to our product, which is the e-library.

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