Coronavirus updates across Africa: focus on social media

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the world and particularly in Africa, the need for information has never been more important but in the midst of all that too the battle against misinformation rages.

The World Health Organization, WHO, called the scourge of fake news, an infodemic, that is even a more potent threat that the virus that has affected hundreds of thousands and killed thousand others.

As part of our multi-pronged coverage of the pandemic, we have different news slots looking at the “major news surrounding COVID-19”: outbreak, the impact on sports “the business disruption”: and even effect on culture, religion and entertainment

This LIVE blog zooms in on social media relative to how people are reacting to issues around the virus, we would also look at how African leaders and other influential people are using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to reach out. We would also drop major international news on the virus once a while.


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