How to resolve misdiagnosis crisis, by expert

By Adekunle Yusuf

THERE  is the need to address the problems in the  health care system, especially misdiagnosis, a specialist, Dr. Ahmed Omilana, has said.

Speaking with reporters in Lagos, during the unveiling of Fitplus Healthcare, he said besides the need to address the dilapidated medical infrastructure to boost access to care, policymakers should focus on how to overhaul the diagnostic sub-sector because it is the backbone of the sector.


Stressing that improvement in the diagnosis arm is one way to achieve better healthcare, Omilana, who is the Chairman/CEO, Fitplus Healthcare Limited, also suggested that the government should encourage people to study courses in diagnostic medicine.

This, he stated, would resolve the problem of paucity of professionals in the diagnostic arm of the medical system, which would, in turn, address misdiagnosis issues and boost public confidence in the sector.

If the health sector has more workers with adequate knowledge of medical diagnosis, the first impact will be felt in accurate diagnoses that are made, which will, ultimately, determine medical interventions and outcomes.

Although he said the government could do better than it is doing, the senior medical expert insisted that the private sector too should lead the way by investing in modern digital facilities that can open pathways to innovative medical solutions.

Omilana said Fitplus Healthcare‘s objective is strengthening diagnostic medicine through investment in sophisticated facilities.

This, he emphasised, is a quick way to fix some of the issues in the sector, which will also help in reversing the negative trend of medical tourism.

“We provide leading healthcare service and high technology laboratory equipment to deliver personalised medical diagnostics with a friendly touch.

Our facility can do all kinds of medical diagnoses that people go abroad to do. In addition assembling some of the very best in every specialty, our facilities are the most modern the industry can offer.

‘’Our corporate goals and underlying philosophy are building opportunities for the growth and development of the industry and harnessing potential in the national economy.

This is underscored by Fitplus Healthcare Limited’s commitment and patriotic zeal to shaping the future of digital medical diagnosis in Nigeria.

“The upgrade of facilities is a commitment to optimising the standard of care by staying connected to the demand of our patients and medical practitioners.

We will go extra mile in delivering technology-driven healthcare system with accuracy, quality and value. A major hurdle stakeholders are struggling to cross in the country’s health sector is the issue of misdiagnosis on the part of medical laboratory personnel operating within the hospital environment.

Due to lack of infrastructure and equipment to carry out accurate laboratory diagnosis, many doctors have been misled into committing errors while administering treatment for some health complications.

“In the same vein, inadequate laboratory reagents to investigate specimens to find the exact cause of illness while inaccurate results have come out of laboratory investigations and since doctors rely on the outcomes of such investigations, a lot of havoc has been committed, some leading to the death of patients. All of us have a role to play to stop this from happening in our country,” Omilana added.


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