Five ways to stay safe during gas, petrol tanker explosion

By Alao Abiodun

The quantum of lives and properties lost to tanker and gas explosions in Nigeria is very worrisome and heart-breaking.

In 2020 alone, there have been so many reported incidents of petrol and gas tanker explosions, especially in Lagos, Ogun, Kogi, Ibadan, Osun and Anambra.

Fuel tanker explosion disaster constitutes veritable threat to road safety as well as human security in in view of its destructive impacts and complications.

While there is a need to proffer long-lasting solutions to the incessant incidents of petrol, it is very necessary to stay safe when at the scene.

Accidents can never be stopped but they can be averted.

Some of the causes of tanker explosion are:

*Bad Roads

*Reckless Driving

*Brake failure

*Disobedience to road rules

*Indiscriminate parking on the road

*Irregular tanker maintenance

Some of the ways to avert these explosions are:

*Heavy duty trucks and tankers should be discouraged from plying the roads during the day.

*The use of railways can be encouraged


*Building filling stations near residential areas and public places should be discouraged.

*More fire service stations should be created and spread across the country

Here are some steps you may want to follow when caught at a tanker explosion’s scene:

*Once a tanker is involved in an accident, it is safe to always assume it’s filled with inflammable contents, then you should quickly exit the scene.

*Do not join in scooping of fuel as it is very dangerous and could lead to death.

*Contact the emergency lines quickly after exiting the scene, this would help in alerting the relevant authorities so that they can swift into action.

*if stucked in a vehicle or a public transport, raise the alarm and alight from the car.

*Gas explosion is a very dangerous and deadly one, it is very important to quickly escape from this scene as fast as possible because of the devastating effect that comes with the explosion.


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