Zimbabwe:2022 Census to gobble billions

ZIMSTA Director General Taguma Mahonde.Photo credit GEM
ZIMSTA Director General Taguma Mahonde.Photo credit GEM

Zimbabwe is running its 5th
census since 1980. This time it is titled Population and Housing Census. The
census is taking out of Government coffers 1, 4 billion RTGS/ Real Time Gross
Settlement ..

The after decade activity was announced at
its inception launch in Harare at the Kaguvi Building on Friday 25
January.  The census will be held in the
month of August as is the tradition.

ZIMSTA Director General Taguma  Mahonde addressing Journalists said this is a
population and Housing census because it has to take more of the information in
whole in connection with full details of the family members

‘’We do not mean to say we are counting
number of houses. We count people. There is data to be taken to know how we
plan and put our budget annually. We know the number of school children,
orphans among them and how the Government can manage’’.

He said all the needed information shall be
collected as usual but this time it will be made easier because they will
harness Information Communication Services like use of Computers.

‘’The country shall utilise the
availability of ICT Services. It means this time it will be easier to collect
data. It is called the population and housing census because we look at each
family taking full details’’.

‘’Utilising ICT will make us collect the
data that we actually need ranging from the number of family members , age
grouping , parentage and the main 
information to be collected . We will not face difficulties as far as
all is concerned ‘’.

ZIMSTAT made it clear on some areas of
several unanswered questions like on the people outside the country and donors
like UNFPA [United Nations Population Fund Support] He pointed out clearly that
census would on take information of people present at a house at that
particular moment. Secondly he pointed out that there were no donors yet to help.

‘’We have no support from donors yet in
terms of this. May be they will come to help. The information will be collected
house by house. It’s only for those at a particular house from which
information will be collected from ‘’.

source: https://panafricanvisions.com/2020/01/zimbabwe2022-census-to-gobble-billions/

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