Gambia:Investigative Journalism is not about blackmailing- Information Minister

By Adama Makasuba

Minister of Information Communication and Infrastructure, Ebrima Sillah
Minister of Information Communication and Infrastructure, Ebrima Sillah

The Minister of Information Communication and Infrastructure, Ebrima Sillah has cautioned journalists whom had concluded a five days training on investigation not involve in blackmailing during their course.

Mr. Sillah was speaking at the closing ceremony held at Senegambia hotel in Kolloli on Friday.

“But let me caution investigative journalism is not about blackmailing unsuspecting people and victims as well as governments. Journalism by all standards is a noble profession with strong ethical principle that should at all time, be respected and upheld,” he said.

He said that Investigative journalism is about seeking and telling the truth, adding journalists should avoid lowering the standard of journalism at all course.

He said: “investigative journalism is all about seeking truth and truth telling. It has its standard and that bar shouldn’t be lowered because when that happened it will cause a critical dent in your work and in your credibility.”

Mr. Sillah also lauded the works of investigative journalists, adding “throughout the world the work of investigative journalists, have added tremendous value in shaping the strategic thinking and direction of policy making on critical issues of importance to society.”

Meanwhile, he assured government continues collaboration with the Gambia Press Union in enhancing a dynamic professionalism of journalists in the country.

He said the Gambia government is committed to working with Gambian journalists, adding that journalists also play a pivotal role in the national development of the country.

We continue to collaborate with you- the GPU and we will continue to collaborate with you to enhance the professionalism of media workers.

Sheriff Bojang jnr, president of the Gambia Press Union and Ebrima Sanakreh, government spokesman both commended the trainees and urged them to put the knowledge gained into good practice for excellence of media in the country.





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