In the midst of our grieving over the passing of Kobe Bryant and eight other passengers who died tragically on his helicopter (including his daughter), we are once again forced to deal with the ugly stain of racism.

Most of you have either seen the video or heard the story of that MSNBC reporter who called the Los Angeles Lakers the Niggers while reporting on the passing of Kobe.

Many of you were quick to jump to her defense. It was a simple slip of the tongue. She would never say Nigger on the air like that, and on and on. The reporter herself put out a statement that she is not a racist, and that her Nigger shout out was just an honest mistake. 

Stuttered on air”? Ahhhm no, I listened to the tape, and girlfriend paused before she said, “Nigger”.
You ever wonder why it’s only the folks in the majority population who always seem to make these types of “verbal slips”? You never hear a black reporter or commentator saying things like “in the National Honky League last night the Rangers beat the Red Wings in overtime.”  Or, “the Minnesota Guineas beat the Michigan Wolverines this Saturday in a big football game.” Why is it only the word Nigger that these folks seem to have a problem saying?

My thing is that girlfriend said this word like she has said it many times before. Sorry, it just flowed too easily for her for me to believe that this was a simple slip of the tongue. 

But hey, it is what it is. We have come to expect this type of behavior from some folks. What’s sad is that her black and progressive friends over at MSNBC were so quick to defend her. They were quick to declare that they know what’s in her heart, that she is not a racist, and blah blah blah. I am quite sure that if she was on FOX they would be calling her out as I am doing now. 

Instead, we get the following:

I’m with 50 Cent with this one. Where is the outrage from the left? Are we only going to call out racism when it’s out ideological enemies are being racist? I hope not, because if we do, we are going to let a lot of racism slide here in America.   


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