The 10 Arguments Against Polygyny

Let’s have a grown-up conversation. Most people now are aware of what Polygamy is. It is a practice of being married to multiple spouses. Under the umbrella of polygamy, we find more specific terms to describe these multiple-spouse marriages. 

What is Polyandry – Polyandry is where one woman has multiple husbands. This is a relatively recent concept. Polyandry started with the fighting back against patriarchal societies oppressing women. It has gained popularity tagging along the backs of feminism and equal rights for women, and now the trending “alternative lifestyles”. Polyandry is more of a concept than an actual way of life, as it is said to be unnatural, and have practically a 0% success rate, even among supporters. Mainly because it feminizes the men in the relationship, and forces women to embrace her masculine as primary. That unbalance is difficult to maintain.

*What is Polyamory – We put an asterisk by Polyamory because it is could be considered a broader term then Polygamy. It is another more recent term that literally translates to “many loves” and is basically the same intimacy structure of Polygamy, without the “marriage” requirement. 

What is Polygyny – this is when one man has multiple wives. It is the oldest and most natural system of marriage. It is easily the second most popular marriage structure worldwide, and even more popular among the more naturally in sync animal kingdom. It is still today very common throughout melanated regions of the world as well as among the wealthy. But for blacks displaced in North America and under a European culture, it is still very taboo.

The 10 Arguments Against Polygyny

We all know the arguments against polygyny. We were raised on it, but like much of what we were raised on, It’s more influenced tradition than practical reasoning. We know now that many foreign concepts and traditions are instilled in our heads on purpose and with an agenda of control. Aka Indoctrination.

If it’s natural, and makes practical sense, and you’re still against it, with no logical reason why, it may be one of these indoctrinations. We’ll go over them real quickly anyway because some of the advantages addresses these arguments against polygyny directly.

  1. Men just want more women and sex, Due to lack of discipline or self-control.

This actually is true in many cases. But what many men and most women don’t realize is that there are more responsibilities, more time spent dealing with multiple women’s’ emotional cycles, kids, errands, emergencies, honey-do lists🍯, and more.

In fact, men in polygamous relationships have less sex than other men, they step outside of their relationships less and their relationships last longer. Technically, in the long-term, polygynous husbands actually have fewer sexual partners than most other men. 

That’s why it’s important that a man does not pursue polygyny out of lust. Although it is a way for men to satisfy their natural sexual Instincts of multiple partners. More sex is often a myth

Tip: A successful polygynous man will have much higher goals than sex. And he may not even mention sex initially when speaking on polygyny. More on what makes for a good polygynous husband later.

  1. Women don’t get along enough to share a man.

You will notice that many of the arguments are true in a lot of cases but the question is why are they true in a lot of cases? Let’s ask ourselves some additional questions.

So why don’t women get along with each other?

Is it because of men? 

What about when men are not involved? 

Is it even a true statement? 

Are the reasons for not getting along different when no men are involved? 

…is each reason different? or are there similarities?

Mending and building the black sisterhood is talked about a little later in the article. But the root behind such unwarranted animosity between the sisters is again an indoctrination 

Competition. Black women have been raised to subconsciously look at each other as competition. 

Subconsciously get dolled up and fight for the few competent black men whose population has been systematically controlled. 

So with a deeper look, women don’t get along enough to share men, in part because of monogamy, as it contributes to the scarcity of available black men.

Truth is even without polygyny most women are sharing or have shared men. And even then, just like the man, you can see a woman’s Natural Instincts will prevail regardless of social acceptance. 

So even though you and your spouse are often called “best friends” many women still need a female best friend. On average, BFF relationships last much longer than a monogamous marriage. Women also often accept getting “cheated” on as part of life. In monogamy. It is.

While the attack on the black man is primarily physical, the attack on the black woman is primarily emotional.

  1. The women don’t get to have multiple men, so therefore, it is sexist and chauvinist

Truth is, they can have multiple men! …but they don’t. Just as you probably don’t.

And just as a person is not monogamous when you have multiple partners, they’re not polygynous with multiple male partners. That would be polyandry, not polygyny, by definition. Simply put, that is not their preference. This one is a bit elementary, but I hear it enough to address anyway.

  1. It is against my religion

No it’s not. Almost all religions have a history of, and promote Polygyny. Mostly Christianity, Hebrew, and Islam. It is clearly accepted and practiced in the sacred texts of almost all religions. This is another elementary argument, but you will hear it a lot. This argument is often from those that do not read and study in-depth their own religion.

  1. It is against the law

Is it? First, let’s pose some questions.

  • If you get married in America, are you still married when you’re in Russia or somewhere that doesn’t recognize American law?
  • If you are legally married in one country and move to a country where you are under the legal age limit for marriage, are you married?
  • Is American law or any law required for marriage, or is there a deeper meaning?

Just something for you to think about as we go over some definitions.

  • Bigamy- is the act or condition of marrying one person while still being legally (under American law) married to another, and it is generally the legal term used for the crime.


  • Marriage License – A marriage license is a document issued, either by a church or state authority, “authorizing” a couple to marry. The procedure for obtaining a license varies between jurisdictions, and has changed over time. Marriage licenses began to be issued in the Middle Ages.
  • Marriage Certificate – A marriage certificate is an official statement that two people are married. In most jurisdictions, a marriage certificate is issued by a government official only after the civil registration of the marriage, and is used as legal proof of marriage.


* Marriage for tax purposes. A marriage license and marriage certificates are just documents used primarily for tax purposes. But filing jointly as a married couple is optional, and so is the use of a marriage license and marriage certificates

 * Tip: Marriage certificates and “legal” relationships no longer determine inheritance. Wills and contracts are needed regardless of your status.

  • Marriage – “the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship: an intimate or close union.”

Technically no government or any law determines your marriage. Marriage is an agreement between individuals.

Legally Married”  is a great example of how the American legal diction and words are used to confuse, deceive, and in many ways enslave and control the population.

A legal marriage is Commonly assumed to be referring to legal “marriage license and certificate” under American law.

 It also implies that marriages outside of this are illegal, but they are not. There is a difference between “illegal” and “not legal”.

Just as a court trial book may be referred to as a legal book, and a football book would be considered not a legal book. But the football book is not an “illegal book”. 

These types of play on words are common in American law and legal diction.

  • Contract – a binding agreement between two or more persons or parties. Check out definition # 3. The act of marriage or an agreement to marry

It may surprise you when you realize that there are thousands of families in America that are getting married without a marriage license or marriage certificate. 

Yet they have legal contracts that provide the Marriage separation and divorce provisions on their own terms without a third-party intervention.

Marriage is an agreement between two people, with a marriage contract, and all of these families are still legally married

  1. It’s not for everybody, I just don’t want to share a man  

This one is actually the most legitimate argument. one that is actually true in most cases. 

Many with this argument will say “polygyny makes sense, and it benefits the community, it’s just not for me” 

Those with this argument is who will likely benefit this article the most.

Why? Because it is an opportunity for internal reflection. Ask yourself:

  • Why is it not for me, even though it makes sense?
  • Why do I feel so strongly about it already without knowing in-depth details?
  •  Why is it not for me even if your religion encourages it?
  • How well have the other options worked for me and children thus far?
  • Does my opinion change if the man can financially support multiple wives?

It’s not for everybody it’s often used by the same people who…don’t embrace their natural hair, or are corporate workers who are afraid of entrepreneurialism. It’s mostly used when all it logically makes sense to even you, and there’s no other reason to give. Cognitive Dissonance.

The answers to those self-reflecting questions usually fall within a few categories. misinformed or uneducated,  indoctrination or habit, jealousy or selfishness. All of which should be areas in which you aspire to improve on. 

We will attempt to address some of these categories, others can only be addressed by you internally, which is a choice. “It’s not for everybody” is only true because of those ones who choose not to.

  1. I’m only interested in men. 

Intimacy with other women is completely optional. Most sister wives worldwide are monogamous with their husbands.

Living together under one roof is also completely optional. Yeah, benefits for living together for those with many multiple kids, and mid to low range income families. 

But there are many successful polygynous relationships with multiple homes, Who can financially handle the additional cost, who are independent and can appreciate additional time for themselves.  

* Many financially Savvy families rent out unused space and use multiple homes as a financial investment as well.

8, 9, and 10.

There are many other arguments out there like how 8. You cannot love multiple people equally, and how it’s somehow 9. Nasty and unsafe, versus what is happening in the community now, and others that don’t quite hold enough weight to address here.

And number 10. You are too jealous of a person. This one sometimes takes a bit of a higher vibrating thought process, but truthfully that same lack of self-knowledge has caused issues in many of our relationships or lack thereof today. Your emotions don’t determine who you are, you determine what your emotions are.

Once we understand that jealousy is just an emotion that everyone gets at different levels and at different times…

  • Parents at times get jealous when a kid shows favor of one parent over another.
  • Kids at times get jealous over siblings and other kids.
  • Men get jealous of a woman’s attention to social media, sex toys, and female friends, etc.

It is a popular phrase that says “jealousy is a female trait”. That is because they are more in-depth and more passionate when they do get jealous… But actually, and naturally, women are often the least jealous. Jealousy is an emotion that you’re supposed to get, it will come and go just like any other emotion.

In a similar form how money is known to help with the inner control of jealousy👀👀, an understanding, and a love for yourself, your seeds, your sisters, your family empire, and your community, can be just as powerful.

When understanding these principles, combined with clarifying assumptions, jealousy in a polygynous marriage often becomes less of an issue very quickly.

This is an excerpt, click here to check out the full article – The Benefits and Challenges of Polygyny in Black America.

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