South Africa: Putting the Brazilian Fox in Charge of the South African Hens


The battle by South African poultry producers against the dumping of Brazilian chicken imports is a real tale of David versus Goliath. The ugly truth is that cheap Brazilian imports will destroy a vital component of South African agriculture and wipe out tens of thousands of jobs, as it did in Mozambique, Ghana and Senegal.

The article by J Brooks Spector (“Fowl play – how the government is siding with the big SA poultry industry players”, Daily Maverick, 25 April 2019) contains all the ingredients of a good story: Greedy business interests taking advantage of the poor, hopeful entrepreneurs facing certain ruin … he even adds a dash of potted economic theory for good measure.

Yes, it’s a good story. It’s just a pity that it’s not true. Or, more accurately, it doesn’t reflect the true scale of the battle we’re facing.

We’ve entered an era of globalisation when, unless we’re careful, we stand to lose everything.

What seems to be a great deal on paper (after all, who isn’t in favour of cheap chicken for the poor?) is, in fact, a trap. Just ask the chicken industries of Ghana, Mozambique or Senegal … No, wait. You can’t. Because they…


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