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Democrats, you might have a problem. I watched your hope and prayer for beating Donald trump, Uncle Joe Biden last night, and sadly, he was not ready for prime time. Memo to every old white politician in America: If you have to defend your position on busing in 2019, things are not going good for you, and you just might have a problem. 

Uncle Joe has some baggage, and we would expect that from anyone who has been in politics (and Washington no less) for 50 years. But Uncle Joe is not doing a very good job of cutting his baggage loose. Saying over and over again that Obama is your black friend is just not going to cut it. The O train can only take you so far, and at some point you have to get off and find your own way.

This is why there is such a split in the democratic party right now. Old heads are willing to ride with Joe because they see him as the best chance that they have of beating trump, while the young ones are not having it. They are sick of the status quo, and of being told that it’s only the old white men that can get elected president.

Kamala Harris (the clear winner last night) came for Uncle Joe, and it was sad to watch. Poor Joe must have been thinking that Kamala was sent from hell to torment him. *Hey, I am Barack’s friend, remember? I was his side-kick for 8 years.*   

That’s all well and good Uncle Joe, but it’s not enough. You are going to have to work on your debating skills and your policies to outlast the orange monster. That’s if you make it though the primary. A couple more performances like this and it will be Kamala, Elizabeth, or Bernie squaring of with Putin’s best bud come 2020.

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