“Nancy The Ripper”.

All this pearl clutching by right-wingnuts over Nancy Pelosi’s  little gesture last night is laughable.

So she ripped up copies of trump’s manifesto of lies for all the world to see. I say good for her. Somebody had to channel our collective frustration over trump’s orgy of lies. Where were they when that ignorant congressman yelled “You Lie!” in the middle of President Obama’s SOTU address?
They are calling her actions crass and unbecoming, but they are forgetting who the leader of their party is. He refused to shake her hand for crying out loud.

Anyway, he (trump) told lie after lie last night. But there were a couple of very glaring ones.

Declaring that he inherited a bad economy from Obama when we all know that President Obama came to power when our economy was on life support, and that trump himself has been riding the wave of Obama’s economy since he came into office, was his first one. His second most glaring lie was declaring that republicans are fighting to protect people with pre-existing medical conditions from being kicked out of their plans. This lie was particularly offensive because as I write this post the trump administration is going to court to do away with Obamacare.

Still, if I am going to be honest, the lies were not what offended me the most about trump’s lying to the union address. I am quite accustomed to trump and his lies by now. What really bothered me about  his speech was when he took the time to give the highest civilian medal honor to a  racist misogynist pig, Rush Limbauugh, who for years has divided the country with his rhetoric and ignorance from his golden microphone.

But this is where we are in America. A Presidential medal is given to a racist pig by another racist pig, who just happens to be the president.

I am starting to think that Nancy Pelosi ripping up that manifesto of lies was not enough

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