Disappointment and then anger.

Image result for Robert MuellerA        As a kid growing up in a Seventh Day Adventist home, I would hear talk about The Great Disappointment from time to time. Every Adventist knew about that day on October 22, 1844, when William Miller declared that the Lord would return to earth.

People sold all their belongings, quit their jobs, and waited with their families for that great day. Sadly, it never happened. It turns out that poor William Miller got the book of Daniel out of the bible  all wrong.

A lot of democrats and progressives are feeling like those Millerites felt back then. The Mueller Report was, to them, a modern day version of the Daniel 8 prophecy.

Bob Mueller decided that he did not find enough evidence to proclaim that the trump crime family colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 elections. Folks are upset, and they believe that the fix was in all along. How could he not? I mean what was that Trump Tower meeting with Russians all about? Why would everyone around trump lie about their contacts with the Russians? How do you explain trump’s behavior towards Putin? A real punch in the gut. (Now a lot of you folks know how people of color feel about the justice system in this country.)

The truth is, it was always going to be hard for Mueller to prove collusion. The brilliance of trump’s ploy was that he beat the word collusion into the national conversation, and as a result finding him guilty of anything less than collusion would vindicate him.

Now, as is to be expected, he and his minions are doing victory laps because the Mueller Report did not find that there was collusion between trump and the Russians. Poor Mr. Mueller was always going to have a hard time proving collusion, because when you are an expert at cheating and playing outside the lines like the president, you are not going to be dumb enough to get caught.

Of course, contrary to what you are hearing from from folks on the right and some cable talking heads, It was not a total vindication. Bob Mueller stated in no uncertain terms that he cannot say for sure that the sitting president of the United Sates did not obstruct justice. The very thing what we impeached Bill Clinton for, and what we started to impeach Tricky Dicky for before he walked away in shame.

What we are seeing now is the trump handpicked AG write a four page summary to congress of Mr. Mueller’s report , and then declare that there was no obstruction. This of course is not what Mr. Mueller said. And we still have not seen the full report. Legal experts question William Barr’s rationale for exonerating trump,but we don’t need legal experts, our common sense tells us all exactly what is happening here. There was a reason that Mr. trump wanted this guy to be his AG. 

So yes, the folks who are disappointed have every right to be. More importantly, though, given what William Barr did, they have a right to be angry as well.

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