100 reasons.

TWEET METhese might be the last days of Donald trump. The way things are going  he just might resign before November. The guy hates to take an L, and it’s looking more and more like one is in his future. (Although here is a caveat to my prediction: Mr. trump is not down double digits as all these polls suggests. The race is a lot closer than folks think. Remember, a large percentage of people who vote for trump will not admit it to pollsters.)   

Anyway, we all know now that he shouldn’t have been elected in the first place. Americans thought they were being funny by sending him to Washington, and now I am sure that most of them are regretting it. I mean folks are literally losing their lives because of his incompetence.

 I am not sure who is worse, trump, or the elected officials who are supposed to be looking out for the American people who enable him. 

The following article in Bulwark from Amanda Carpenter lays out 100 reasons why Mr. trump is unfit to be president of these now divided states of America.

“Part of the mad genius of Donald J. Trump is that he never runs from scandals. He just creates more of them. So many more that anyone attempting to track them all risks becoming numb as a survival mechanism.

A collective amnesia sets in. We ask ourselves, “Do you remember that time when Trump got impeached, said that super-racist thing, cozied up to dictators, threatened our elections, or oh, whatever that was?”

Well, we at The Bulwark do. Yes, it can be hard to keep up. We all need reminders. So, lest anyone forget or require convincing, here’s a non-exhaustive list of 100 reasons Donald Trump is unfit to be president.” {Read here} 

The scary thing about this is that I could probably think of 100 more.

h/t to my sister for sending me this article. 

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